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>On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 4:02 PM, Francesco Chicchiriccò
>> wrote:
>> You could do:
>>                 ApplicationContext appContext = new
>> ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(
>>                         new String[]{"camel-beans.xml"},
>> ApplicationContextProvider.getApplicationContext());
>>                 camelContext = new SpringCamelContext(appContext);
>> e.g. setting the standard Syncope context as parent context.
>Yes this works fine to a point. The Camel component that I am calling
>to be picking up the bean definition from the configuration file +
>correctly. However, I am getting a NPE subsequently in the Camel
>in Syncope, caused by the fact that the Syncope PropagationManager in
>PropagateComponent (which is @Autowired) is null. Does this ring any

Hum, not really: you can alternatively leave the Java code as is, name your 
file camelRoutesContext.xml and place it in the classpath. It should work.


>> It is not clear to me, however, how we could set up things to allow
>> (very useful, indeed) possibility.
>> An empty "camel-beans.xml" file (maybe camelEnv.xml would better
>> the naming in use) can be added under
>> fit/core-reference/src/main/resources/all/
>> and the code above could load it only when found.
>> In this way the standalone distribution will simply provide the file
>> anyone could start customizing, while for the Maven project the
>> guide [1] should be updated.
>> WDYT?
>> Regards.
>> [1]
>> the-a-href-apache-camel-provisioning-manager-apache-
>> camel-provisioning-manager-a

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