Jeremy and others, thanks for the detailed presentation!
The storyboards look great and it would be nice to see SystemML getting to a point where those scenarios just work!

From the point of development I wonder how much is adding new features (that enhance user experience) versus making it more stable/reliable and compiling/editing resources and documentation. It seems to me that what's currently missing are the easy entry points both in documentation and user interfaces (API's, notebooks, quickstart guides, ...) that are so perfectly depicted in those storyboards.

I hope to see an outcome of actionable items for developers from this UX research that we can manifest in concrete Jiras to work on.


Am 18.10.2016 00:39 schrieb Jeremy Anderson:
Hi all,

I began working with a few designers on UX research for SystemML. We
synthesized some of our early findings to share with everyone. From some of the pain points that surfaced in our research, we began storyboarding user scenarios and look for ways we might be able to improve user experience and
increase adoption. I wanted to start a discussion around this UX and
research. Here's a link to the research we've synthesized so. I'd love
input/thoughts from everyone.




Jeremy Anderson

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