Github user spmallette commented on the issue:
    I'll let @jorgebay dig into the c# stuff here, but from my view this looks 
pretty good and it's nice to see this feature fully supported now. Great to 
know that all those feature tests pass.  It's too bad that this doesn't match 
java too well:
    > Unfortunately, it's not possible to use this new Lambda type for 
arguments in the traversal API
    but i guess there's not much we can do about that.  Perhaps, this 
limitations should be explained in the documentation for "The Lambda Solution"? 
From a documentation perspective, I think that (1) this is a big enough 
improvement that you should make note of it in the upgrade documentation and 
(2) this needs a changelog entry before you merge.
    Otherwise, all tests pass with `docker/ -t -n -i`
    VOTE +1


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