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    --- Diff: docs/src/reference/gremlin-variants.asciidoc ---
    @@ -436,6 +438,22 @@ NOTE: Many of the TraversalStrategy classes in 
Gremlin.Net are proxies to the re
     JVM-based Gremlin traversal machine. As such, their `Apply(ITraversal)` 
method does nothing. However, the strategy is
     encoded in the Gremlin.Net bytecode and transmitted to the Gremlin 
traversal machine for re-construction machine-side.
    +=== The Lambda Solution
    +Supporting link:[anonymous 
functions] across languages is difficult as
    +most languages do not support lambda introspection and thus, code 
analysis. While Gremlin.Net doesn't support C# lambdas, it
    +is still able to represent lambdas in other languages. When the lambda is 
represented in `Bytecode` its language is encoded
    +such that the remote connection host can infer which translator and 
ultimate execution engine to use.
    --- End diff --
    Should this be `Lambda.Groovy("{ it.get().value('name').length() }")`, with 
curly brackets?


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