Github user jorgebay commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -151,7 +156,16 @@ class DriverRemoteConnection extends RemoteConnection {
    -    if (response.status.code >= 400) {
    +    if (response.status.code === 
responseStatusCode.authenticationChallenge && this._authenticator) {
    +      this._authenticator.evaluateChallenge(response).then(res => {
    --- End diff --
    We should have a way to build a request (in this case an auth request) and 
send it providing an existing `requestId`, that doesn't add a key to the 
`this._responseHandlers`. That way the whole flow uses the same `requestId` and 
the response handler w/ the original callback is maintained until the response 
message (out of the auth flow) for the original request is obtained.


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