On 12/02/18 18:43, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Mark,
> On 2/11/18 3:36 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> Currently, Tomcat Native uses an svn:external to pull in the
>> current Java source from trunk. With the switch to git, we'll need
>> a different solution.
>> Possible options:
>> 1) Stop distributing Java elements of Tomcat Native in the Tomcat 
>> Native release
>> 2) Migrate Tomcat Native to git and use a sub-module
>> One point to note with option 2 is that, as far as I have been able
>> to determine so far, you can't add a sub-directory of another git
>> repo as a sub-module. It has to be the whole thing. That isn't
>> really what we want.
>> Thoughts? comments?
> Is there also option 3) amend the build process to fetch the source
> from svn?

It would be git but that is an implementation detail.

> IIRC, there's no particular reason to have the Java elements from
> tcnative actually *IN* the tcnative project. It's just a "build
> detail", right?

That strikes me as a much better plan.

We will need to take care that build are repeatable. i.e. we need to
explicitly exactly which version of the code we want to pull in.
Currently we do this with the svn revision in the svn:external. We'll
need to use the SHA1 in git.


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