On 27/03/2024 08:48, Romain Manni-Bucau wrote:
Hi all,

Checkout out TomEE's notifications I realized Tomcat is in a weirdish
situation where Tomcat 9 is Servlet 4 and "+1" version is Tomcat 10.1 which
is Servlet 6.
It means Tomcat is no more a Servlet 5 friendly option.

I wonder if it means Tomcat < 10.1 should be stopped too or if Tomcat 10.0
should be maintained and released again - pretty sure we can find help if
desired for that not that far.
Another option is to restore the deleted methods between servlet 5-6 in the
code base to be able to run Tomcat 10.1 with Servlet 5 API instead of
Servlet 6 - to pass signature TCK.


-1 to stopping Tomcat 9.0.x support.

No interest in supporting 10.0.x

This has been discussed at length previously. Those discussions can be found in the archives.

The short version is:
- Tomcat 9.x (Java EE8) will be maintained for the foreseeable future at
  it is the last branch to support Java EE.
- Jakarta EE 9 (Tomcat 10.0) was a transition release that we only ever
  intended to maintain for as long as it took for Jakarta EE 10 (Tomcat
  10.1) to reach stability


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