Hi All,

I’d like to open the topic of potentially donating a couple components we’ve 
built over at tomitribe.io to our beloved TomEE project:

 - https://tomitribe.io/projects/sheldon <https://tomitribe.io/projects/sheldon>
 - https://tomitribe.io/projects/chatterbox 

There are couple motivating factors:

 - show the TomEE ecosystem is a bit bigger than just the server
 - provide a clear pattern for “crazy new ideas” to start here that could 
potentially benefit TomEE or other EE related-projects
 - more opportunities to earn commit
 - give the community a boost

We went from EJB container to EE server.  I’d be great to take another step and 
see us go to EE ecosystem.


David Blevins

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