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> Don't forget to do IP clearance
> </incubator hat>

Salute and Ack.  Went through that process with a half-dozen code bases in the 
2003-2009 range.  I was a pro then, not sure if my knowledge is dated.

> I personally think these are awesome projects.  David's been passionate
> about this stuff for a long time, and I was really hopefully to get these
> MDB enhancements working on the JMS spec, never happened :-(

I pushed hard to have them not axe JMS from Java 8.  Of course I’m stubborn, so 
perhaps there is still another way.

> It would be great to see these at Apache, and hopefully with a pretty
> robust test suite showing them working in multiple EE containers.

Robust test suite would be awesome.  I know Sheldon currently supports Wildfly 
and TomEE.  Jonathan Gallimore put quite a lot of work into it.  Testing wise, 
I think it was mostly manual.  So some increased tests would be good.

Feature wise, there are a handful of things I’d love to see added to Sheldon:

 - ability to use ssh keys instead of passwords
 - ability to execute ‘ssh localhost -p 2222 <some command>’ style commands 
that ssh allows
 - ability to use @RolesAllowed on commands

With those in there, you could do some extremely cool things.  Not that Sheldon 
isn’t darn cool already :)


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