> On Aug 10, 2017, at 1:12 AM, Jean-Louis Monteiro <jlmonte...@tomitribe.com> 
> wrote:
> Does it mean we'll rename TomEE as a TLP to something else so TomEE can be
> a subproject and we will be creating more sub-projects for Sheldon or any
> other project?

I’d definitely want to keep TomEE as the TLP name.  My primary goal is to grow 
TomEE the brand and community and TLP with things that might directly or 
indirectly help TomEE the server.

At Apache it’s very common for TLPs to have subprojects and not be renamed.  We 
can keep the TLP name as-is and foster crazy new ideas.  If any of them becomes 
a massive effort in its own right, we spin it out.  APR was originally an HTTPd 
subproject.  Ant was originally a Tomcat subproject.

Most subprojects don’t become that big.

We’ve actually had a couple subprojects, like the EJB 2.x to 3x Conversion 
Eclipse Plugin Jonathan wrote.  Interestingly, it wasn’t actually working on 
OpenEJB itself that got Jon commit, but this “crazy idea” subproject.  I’m not 
actually sure he had even one commit on OpenEJB trunk when we voted him in.

Vishwa got voted in working on the build tools and twitter bot.  Smaller 
projects seem to be a lot easier for people to digest.  In Jon’s case, the 
subproject work encouraged him to dig into OpenEJB and the rest is history.

> I have seen a lot of discussions in different Apache projects regarding a
> common place for Java EE components (spec jars and common libraries). I
> know TomEE has been mentioned a couple of times, as well as other Apache
> projects.
> Is this a related discussion?
> Or should it be tackled at the same time?

I’d certainly welcome crazy new EE-related ideas and common libraries that 
wanted to start here.  So in that sense, very related.

We’d want them to be in some way beneficial to the TomEE server ecosystem, 
directly or indirectly.  They do not need to be TomEE-only components and can 
definitely be reusable and have fun unique names.

In terms of at the same time, for me that’s a “no".  There’ve been discussions 
in Geronimo specifically on what to do with that project.  Those discussions 
have been going on for 2 years.  We are not in a position to tackle that here.  
I certainly wouldn’t want us to hold our breath, because I don’t think anything 
there will resolve soon and don’t want to see is in the position of not moving 
forward because we are waiting on another community.  I’d welcome the code and 
committers if they wanted to come over.

We know we need to inject some blood into our community, so that’s the primary 
goal.  If it happens to kill two birds with one stone, cool.  If not, that’s 
also fine.

In terms of things we can do to make this community more vibrant, making it 
easier for crazy new ideas to start here is a great step forward.  I think we 
need a couple crazy new ideas to seed that, hence the idea to donate Sheldon 
and Chatterbox.


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