While perfect is the enemy of shipping, I came across the stuff below.

This article has a good description of the forthcoming issues with
sun.misc.Unsafe and JDK 11:

As we use CGLIB for our proxy generation in wicket-ioc (and hence
wicket-spring and wicket-guice), this will affect users of Wicket
running on JDK 11 in the future.

IMO we should at least make our dependency on CGLIB optional, and add
support for byte buddy or such, to remove our dependency on

As we expose some CGLIB APIs as public in Wicket IOC, this might be a
breaking change if we opt to remove our dependency on CGLIB

I'm working on using Byte Buddy as an alternative IOC implementation.
However I don't know if I will be able to cover all use cases (not
sure how good our unit tests are).


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