Append another questions below as I still didn't find any descriptions on the 

from the AS 5.3.0 application model, I found a table named UM_TEMP_INVITE, 
where can I find the corresponding R/W API

for the UM_TENANT table, is the UM_ID/tenantID automatically incremented?
Please kindly help

Thanks, Wenxing

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Date:  Wed, Sep 21, 2016 08:36 PM
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Subject:  [Dev] About the Carbon Core documentation and the usage 

Dear all,

When looking at the Carbon 449 Java docs [1], I found there are only 3 items. 
Are the 3 items complete? Why I ask this question is I didn't find the API docs 
for the package org.wso2.carbon.tenant.mgt?
Carbon core
Carbon registry
Carbon user management
Another question is that from Carbon 449 core document [2], I found there is a 
class org.wso2.carbon.core.multitenancy.MultitenantRESTServlet, how to use this 
class? any description for reference?


Best Regards,
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