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With the current user core implementation we support only the equal filter
(e.g. userName Eq "john"). However SCIM 2.0 specification [1] specify total
of 10 such simple filters and complex filters which are combinations of
simple filters using logical and grouping operators (e.g. userType ne
"Employee" and not (emails co "example.com" or emails.value co "example.org")).
As we are in the process of C5 implementation, have we considered the other
filter type implementations as well?

Moreover if we are supporting the complex filters, are we supporting it by
simple filter by filter basis or the entire complex filter as a whole? If
we are looking for the simple filter by filter basis, there will be
performance issues as well.

Any thoughts on the matter is highly appreciated.

[1] https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7644#section-

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