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>> Hi All,
>> With the current user core implementation we support only the equal
>> filter (e.g. userName Eq "john"). However SCIM 2.0 specification [1]
>> specify total of 10 such simple filters and complex filters which are
>> combinations of simple filters using logical and grouping operators (e.g.
>> userType ne "Employee" and not (emails co "example.com" or emails.value
>> co "example.org")). As we are in the process of C5 implementation, have
>> we considered the other filter type implementations as well?
> Yes we need to consider these features in the extended user-core
> implementation.
>> Moreover if we are supporting the complex filters, are we supporting it
>> by simple filter by filter basis or the entire complex filter as a whole?
>> If we are looking for the simple filter by filter basis, there will be
>> performance issues as well.
> It is better if we provide complex filters from extended user-core itself
> for performance reasons. However if time doesn't permit to implement all
> those APIs, we can have a scim UserManager implementation which will call
> multiple simple filters and combine the result and return. Obviously as you
> said performance of such implementation will be low. But it is acceptable
> as an interim solution until extended user-core implementation supports all
> the filters.
Can you please explain, what you refer as complex filters here? I think we
need to implement operators listed in table 3 and 4 in the specification
and implement a generic way to build complex queries reusing them. I don't
think it would be practical to more complex filters, there can be large
amount of complex filters that can be created by combining these simple
filter. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Also what different would it made when we are handling these filters in
user-core level and when handling using scimUserManager level? Are you
reffering to the fact that when we need "username sw a" , we can retrieve
only  the users who have username start with 'a' from database/ldap, so
that we can achieve higher performance?

In addition to that, I believe it would be good to consider other SCIM
operations such as sorting and pagination at the same time. If we can come
up with a generic design, that would be better. Otherwise, we'll have to
put a huge effort to embed those functionalities again.


>> Any thoughts on the matter is highly appreciated.
>> [1] https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7644#section-
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