Github user revans2 commented on the issue:
    @anmolnar I added in an updated version of the test in #310. The issue 
turned out to be a race condition where the original leader would time out 
clients and then would join the new quorum too quickly for the test to be able 
to detect it.  I changed it so there is a hard coded sleep instead and then 
just shut down the leader.  I would love to get rid of the hard coded sleep, 
but I wasn't really sure how to do it without making some major changes in the 
leader code to put in a synchronization point.  If you really want me to do it 
I can, but it felt rather intrusive.
    I verified that when I comment out my code that does the fast forward the 
test fails and when I put it back the test passes.  If this looks OK I'll try 
to port the test to the other release branches too.
    I also addressed your request to make some of the code common.


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