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> On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 03:29:37PM +0200, Jan Kurik wrote:
>> very low. Just for an information: on Fedora we have every week
>> created approx. 400 - 500 new bugs. I can not imagine doing review of
>> such an amount of bugs on (bi-)weekly basic. Blocker bug meeting
> Oh my no. We wouldn't review all bugs, just ones which are nominated,
> and I am envisioning being quite strict with whether they meet the
> criterion I suggested:
>    Issues eligible for this status would be those which do not
>    necessarily fail a release criterion but which have critical impact
>    on a Fedora Edition or on a council-approved Fedora Objective.
> with a possible additional:
>   Issues may also be nominated from the Common Bugs list when they are
>   deemed by QA to have critical impact.
> or something like that. If it becomes necessary, we could even restrict
> nominations to those submitted by QA, the Edition WGs, or Objective
> leads — but I'd rather start less formal and introduce that rule if it
> becomes a problem.

Thinking of it ... lets start to think of a process/policy how this
should work, to find possible frictions:

- Anyone can propose a bug as "Important". In case the number of
nominated bugs will go over a limit we will be able to proceed during
the approval process, we will limit the nomination possibility to a
defined group of people.
- The proposal will be done by a modified application QE currently use
for Blocker bugs.
- The bug is assigned to a tracker collecting the nominated bugs.

- There will be (bi-)weekly meetings of a group of people doing a
review of nominated bugs and granting approvals.
- The group will be namely defined and needs quorum to approve a bug
as "Important".
- On the meeting, all the nominated bugs for the given period of time
need to be reviewed. The review process might end up with the
following statues:
- - Approved: the bug is approved as "Important" and it moves from the
nomination tracker to tracker for "Important" bugs
- - Rejected: the bug has not been approved as "Important" and will be
removed from the nomination tracker
- - Postponed: the decision has not been made (i.e.: need more info).
The bug stays on the nomination tracker till the next meeting

- After every Approval meeting a wiki page with approved "Important"
bugs will be generated (refreshed), to get people information what is
important to fix.
- We might integrate this bug list into
http://whatcanidoforfedora.org/ page, so new comers can start to help
in the area we consider as important
- We might publish some stats in regular blogposts on
https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/ to have some overview which
area/component needs an attention
- We can grant badges once a developer fixes certain amount of
"Important" bugs (something like

@Matt: does it reflect your thoughts ?

@All: does any one think this activity is meaningful ? If so, do you
have any better proposal or would like to add something to the
proposal above ?


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