On Čt, 2016-10-13 at 14:32 +0000, Petr Pisar wrote:
> On 2016-10-13, Tom Hughes <t...@compton.nu> wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > In other words, does the soname need to change?
> > 
> The soname did not change. But packages built against older library
> linked to versioned symbols. Thus they had to be rebuild.
> I'm not very verse in version symboling. If you think the removal
> requires bumping soname (technically probably yes because you simply
> cannot run the old executable against the new library), you can try
> to
> explain it to the upstream. At the and it's only a release candidate.
> But be prepared they are quite obstinate about this packaging stuff.

I do not think it is worth it. Effectively rpm dependencies detect this
breakage anyway so there is no need to change the soname.

Tomas Mraz
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