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> On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 10:48:54AM +0200, Florian Weimer wrote:
> > >>3) Package *only* what is really need or requested by at last one
> person
> > >What exactly is the *harm* in having things you are not using packaged
> > >in Fedora? How does it affect you (or any other user of Fedora) if the
> > >number of people using a package is five, one, or zero?
> > “dnf update” takes longer to download package list and uses more of
> > your bandwidth quota.
> But that's true for me for thousands of packages I don't use, and
> whether or not someone uses them doesn't change that. I agree that this
> is a scaling problem we have (it's particular evident when installing
> packages into a minimal cloud image or a docker container!), but I
> don't think "don't scale, then!" is the answer.

Well, I believe we've drifted from the original point which implied some
type of test to determine
if a package was being used before it was included in the repository ---
which is akin to the chicken and the egg - if it's not there it isn't going
to be used.

The last thing we need is to discourage new packages, I believe for obvious

As far as "takes longer" and "bandwidth usage" - we're talking about
metadata here - and the impact
would be trivial.  In any event, the advantages to the Fedora community of
having a large, robust
package repository would outweigh any increase in time or bandwidth
required to support the metadata.

There already was a thread regarding dnf and deltarpm which covered most of
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