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> On 15 October 2016 at 18:39, Kevin Fenzi <ke...@scrye.com> wrote:
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> > * If you have specific ideas for improvements, do file bugs and
> > attach your patches or explain what you think would help. I'm sure
> > he would love to hear it.
> >  
> 1) Package base texlive binaries with base set of necessary packages
> (alphabetically) afm2pl, bbox, cefutils, detex, dvilj, dvips,
> dviutils, latex, latex-bibtex, luatex, makeindex, metapost, omega,
> pdftex, tex4ht. Maybe few more or less (maybe it would be good to
> package all dvi related stuff as single package). Each of those
> package should be with some descent/usually used set of additional
> stuff even if those bits are maintained as separated texlive package
> 2) Package something like texlive-devel which will contain whatever is
> needed to build other packages (part of it could be set of rpm macros
> generating provides/requires dependencies if it is possible)
> 3) Package *only* what is really need or requested by at last one
> person

I don't think thats very practical at this point. We don't have any way
of knowing how much any given package is used. Some people would of
course file bugs or otherwise ask for whatever package back, but many
more would just say 'man, things are busted now, I'll go to
$otherdistro where it works'. Additionally some people wouldn't know
exactly what packages would be missing up front (This thing that used
to work doesn't anymore, it could be these 100 packages). 

> 4) do not package PDFs but text dumps of those documentation. Mark
> those doc as %doc and include in proper packages. Read at least one
> time those dosc because texlive contains many completely random and
> sometimes wrongly placed documentation. Do not package documentation
> about how to build/install those extensions/packages.

text dumps of pdf are often pretty horrible. Formatting is lost, etc. 


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