Il 01/12/2016 13:35, Dave Love ha scritto:
Could someone clarify the rules on package naming

Background:  I've packaged something its author calls SuperLU_DIST using
the rpm name superlu_dist.  I interpreted that as consistent with those
guidelines as well as allowing it to be searched for, and without the
inconvenience of mixed case.  Others opinions are that it should be
changed to superlu-dist or SuperLUDIST, which would mean you couldn't
search the repository for the proper name of the software, like the
existing SuperLUMT v. SuperLU_MT.  (I think that case-insensitive search
is appropriate, but again others don't.)
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From the Packaging Naming Guidelines:
" General Naming
Package names should be in lower case and use dashes in preference to underscores"

In the next chapter is said:
" Separators
When naming packages for Fedora, the maintainer must use the dash '-' as the delimiter for name parts. The maintainer must NOT use an underscore '_', a plus '+', or a period '.' as a delimiter.
There are a few exceptions to the no underscore '_' rule.
packages where the upstream name naturally contains an underscore are excluded from this."

So, in my opinion, you did it right naming your package "superlu_dist". For sure, you MUST not use uppercase letters.

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