On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 8:39 AM, Mattia Verga <mattia.ve...@tiscali.it>

> So, in my opinion, you did it right naming your package "superlu_dist".
> For sure, you MUST not use uppercase letters.

I believe there is a bit of leeway for the packager here.  You SHOULD not
use uppercase; it isn't an edict - it's a guideline.  That said,
I agree that lowercase is far preferable.  We all know what a PITA it is to
try to figure out package names in the repository.  That is why
the guidelines state you SHOULD use lowercase and hyphens instead of
underscores.  Turning the attention to the underscore, I would in this
instance change it to a hyphen:  so the package would be named
"superlu-dist".  Why, because that is what most people are going to use and
what how the vast majority of packages are named.

Bottom line, it's your decision as the packager (within the parameters
stated in the guideline - which mean if you really wanted you could just
keep the name SuperLU_DIST - but there are reasons explained in the
packaging guidelines why that isn't a good idea.
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