> On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 1:11 PM, Chris Murphy <li...@colorremedies.com>
> wrote:
> >If you
> > pick Server or Cloud Edition using Everything netinstall, you get ext4
> > on LVM with a massive /home volume rather unsuitable for servers, and
> > no free space in the VG for docker-storage-setup to configure for
> > itself. Everything netinstall's partitioning is the same as
> > Workstation's.
> That's wrong. Everything does something no other product does. It's
> ext4 on LVM, with just root and swap LV's, with root taking up all the
> space not reserved for swap. So...it'd work for Workstation and
> Server, but it's not the WG intended layout where /home is separate
> for Workstation, and for Server they want XFS and reserve space in the
> VG for other purposes (separate /var possibly or space for
> docker-storage-setup for containers). So I'd say while non-fatal, it's
> also not ideal for any of the products and thus not worth blocking on.

I lived under the impression that Workstation netinst only offers you 
Workstation package set by default, and Server netinst the Server package set. 
That was my major concern, not partitioning layout. But I tried it again today, 
and I see all package sets on both images. So I was clearly wrong.

The partitioning setup on Everything netinst seems to me to be actually the 
best universal choice for any use case (it's not the intended setup for any 
flavor, yes, but still better than e.g. having a Workstation with Server 
partitioning layout, or vice versa). For Workstation users, the only case where 
you need to install from Everything netinst is when a) your hardware can't boot 
Workstation Live b) Workstation netinst has optical boot broken c) you can't 
boot from USB. That's such an edge case, that I don't think it's a problem to 
have a different partitioning setup. It's a last resort help and you can be 
expected to manually setup the partitioning differently if you don't like the 
universal one. For Server, you'll need to use Everything netinst if a) both 
Server DVD and Server netinst have optical boot broken b) you can't boot from 
USB or PXE (or some of those remote CDROM methods). Since Server people are 
more technical, I hope setting up a custom layout (if the universal one doesn't 
fit) is not such a big problem. The most likely use case here goes to KDE (or 
any of the non-release-blocking spins). If your hardware can't boot KDE Live or 
the image has its optical boot broken, your immediate next choice is Everything 
netinst. And in this case, the universal partition layout is again better than 
e.g. if you booted Server netinst.

So after considering this, I'd still like to keep Everything netinst as the 
universal fallback if the flavored images have their optical boot broken.
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