cross posting this on users@ and devel@, I'm not sure who all
regularly participates on as it's mainly user
to user.

The gist of this problem is you set up some keywords/tags and if
someone posts a question with one of those tags, you get an email.
Neat because I don't want emails for every question posted, just the
topics I'm going to be useful answering. Problem is, I don't get an
email notification for the original posting. I only get followup
emails from people answering or commenting to the question.

I already filed bugs upstream and downstream:

Question is, has anyone else experienced this? It's been a couple
weeks since I posted the upstream bug without a reply and it seems
like a really big bug to be going on this long if everyone's affected
by it. So I'm just curious if this is affecting everybody and they
just haven't ever really realized it, or if it's an isolated case.


Chris Murphy
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