On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 02:13:38PM -0000, Ralph Bean wrote:
> Thanks for starting this.  I'm not aware of a ticket or a responsible
> party at this point. +1 to working towards formalizing this.

I'll make one if no one else has. Should we start at a rel-eng ticket,
get a proposal worked out, and then propose to FESCo?


> FYI - we had to put some initial SL values into the database to seed
> the branch migration. Our existing 'master', fedora, and epel
> branches needed values in the new database. Here are the ones we
> added:
> - rawhide - Our thought was that the 'rawhide' SL would signal whatever 
> rawhide means today: more or less tracking upstream.  The master branch of 
> all packages got this SL applied in our migration.
> - bug_fixes - See security fixes below.
> - security_fixes - This, along with bug_fixes, was a generic SL that got 
> applied to all "fedora" branches (f26, f25, etc..).
> - stable_api - This one got applied to all of the epel branches.
> https://pdc.stg.fedoraproject.org/rest_api/v1/component-sla-types/

So this is a list of values? Interesting. 

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