On Fri, Feb 09, 2018 at 08:12:43AM +0100, Igor Gnatenko wrote:
> * Many times people put some useless messages in there, so we
> probably don't want to convert old history to git-based changelogs
> and have point where we ask people to start writing useful commit
> messages.

There are lots of useless messages in many changelogs, too.

> * No easy way to map changelogs with versions and releases in
> package. Imagine that you pushed commit with update, then realised
> that it doesn't build and reverted. What should be in changelog?

I think we *need* separate changelog streams -- the packager one (with
all the messiness) and a user-focused one. This could either be a
separate file or some kind of standard we agree on for special lines in
the git changelog. (In that case, we could have a tool to extract those
lines, and it could understand to remove user messages found in
reverted commits.)

I'm not sure it's super-useful to inject them into the RPM itself.
Better, I think, to put it in /usr/share/doc somewhere or something.
That makes the metadata more lightweight (what percentage of
/var/lib/rpm/Packages is changelog text)? 

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