Matthew Miller wrote:
> Second, there's package maintainer changelogs. These are really
> redundant with the dist-git log. We don't really need this anymore.
> It's just a chore.

My %changelog entries are not identical to the dist-git commit messages:

1. It often takes me several git commits to make a new EVR that builds.
   Also, typos in commit messages cannot be fixed. (Both of those issues
   could be solved if we were to allow force pushes to dist-git, but that
   would open a much bigger can of worms, as you certainly know.)

2. Most of my git commit messages are of the form:

   one-line summary

   full copy&paste of the RPM changelog entry, including the line with date,
   author and EVR.

   (The only ones that deviate from that format are followup fixup commits
   as per point 1.) If you are going to generate RPM changelogs from those
   commit messages, they will look really messy, with the date-author-EVR
   line duplicated.

3. Some of my commit messages contain additional notes that are not intended
   for the package changelog. (Typically a full paragraph of explanatory

Thus, I think autogenerating the %changelog from dist-git commit messages 
would degrade its quality a lot, at least for my packages.

        Kevin Kofler
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