On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 10:00:18AM +0100, nicolas.mail...@laposte.net wrote:
> Actually, the problem is we're all talking about changelogs, when users ask 
> for release notes.
> That's not exactly the same thing.

Yes! Thanks, that puts nicely what I'm trying to say. Right now, the
git log is basically a (often poor, because it seems redudant with the
%changelog) changelog, the bodhi update info is release notes (when it
exists), and the %changelog is a weird mix.

I'd like to see us do one of:

1. Put real changelog info in the git log and have a separate standard
   fedora-package-release-notes.md (uh, or better name, but I bet that
   one doesn't have any conflicts!) which lives in dist-git (but not in
   the package) and gets fed into bodhi and whatever other tooling

2. Put both in git log but mark the release notes lines in some way so
   they can be extracted.

3. Or something else along these lines. The key parts are: reduce
   duplication and at the same time make the separation between release
   notes and changelog more clear so that both can be better.

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