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> it's pretty easy:
> when you don't list your BuildRequires properly you depend on luck that they
> are pulled by something else in the buildroot

OK I understand that, but where is the cutoff. Where as a packager
should I stop adding things and expect that libsolv is going to do its
job?  Do I need to put in

BuildRequires: kernel
BuildRequires: systemd
BuildRequires: bash
BuildRequires: glibc

I am depending on luck to get all of those in the environment in a
working variant. I can understand where defining all that would be
useful. I just don't want to spend the next year doing this one by one
like a death by a thousand papercuts. It would also be a better use of
the time to have a tool which generated all N dozen items.

> on the other hand there is no point to have GCC in the buildroot when you as
> exmaple build phpMyAdmin which is just a bunch of textfiles

I understand that clearly. What I don't understand is if if gcc-c++
always pulls in gcc-cc.. why do I need to add that to my manifest?
What is the point of having a libsolver if I have to define what those
things must depend upon to work?

Stephen J Smoogen.
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