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> Nicolas, can you more elaborate on that? I don't see any more reason
> why we should block folks from relying on the new macros.

IMHO they're solid enough to be used in production both for binary
packages and -devel packages (modulo the fixes which are in the PRs I
sent you).

The remaining work is to decide whether to do unit test packages and
example packages (of if yes, how), or just ignore the mess they are, by
making unit tests not participate in requires or just plain not
installing them, and pushing examples to doc.

> > Also will this be available for EPEL7 too?
> I hope they will be. Thought, it will be not so trivial cause RHEL
> has different policies. It will take some time.

I doubt anyone will want them in EL before they prove themselves in
Fedora (I'm using them in EL7, but not publicly). So probably at least a
few months, or even a full Fedora release, before attempting to push
them to EL would be wise.

EL+1 is something else as the .0 release is not expected to be as rock
solid as the follow-ups.


Nicolas Mailhot
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