On Wed, 7 Mar 2018, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> It is quite insane, that, to this day, users are expected to know the
> rpm stack better than dnf, and tell it to update it first.
> whenever dnf hits a repo with an updated rpm stack, it should update the
> system rpm stack to this updated stack by default in a separate
> transaction, before installing anything from this repo.

As I recall from RHL days, and trying to do 'hot upgrades' 
across Major releases [it _could_ be done, but was not time 
effective], this also pulled in glibc (and kernel pairs in 
support of that glibc).  When such failed, it was time to go 
to the L0 backup ... and in Fedora and with new deployment 
automation and configuration orchestration, I suspect few 
people actually do a reboot, and a L0 backup, before every 

I would expect it to be useful to do the 'subset' upgrade
mentioned by Smooge for rpm and friends, _most_ of the time,
but occasionally (thinking here of an underlying DB version
bump and rebuild by RPM) not always

Perhaps scanning the transactionset, add a check and consult 
an optional:
        - enable doing updates piecemail

flag.  If adding such a flag, I'd also add flags for 
potentially 'dangerous' transactions:
        - warn me to take a L0,
        - reboot first, and 
        - reboot after a new kernel, glibc, or rpm

-- Russ herrold
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