Le 2018-03-07 18:15, Reindl Harald a écrit :

if there wouldn't be dependencies in the real world making it risky
and difficult just update rpm itself

would you pull all dependencies down to glibc with that transaction?

If needed, yes, it is unsafe to install from a repo that has a newer rpm stack than the system one.

what if dnf itself don't work with that new rpm stack without rebuild?

That means building dnf from a new rpm is a special case that needs a buildroot override, not that everything else is a special case because the normal dnf use it pulling in rpm to rebuild itself.

how do you test that?

I certainly hope the rpm and dnf guys talk to each other and do not update the stack without taking the other needs in account.

how do you ensure that your tests are still true two months later?

That's the whole point, you don't need to, because you don't allow dnf installing packages from a repo with a newer rpm stack for months without updating rpm. The breakage, if any occurs directly at rpm update not months later once QA thinks everything is golden.

Nicolas Mailhot
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