On 03/06/2018 07:20 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Removing it is one choice, sure. Looking at those ideas again and
> deciding if we want to actually go ahead and implement any of them is
> another choice.

Cool thanks for the history there. I actually think those ideas sound
pretty cool and I'd +1 getting them in place (though I really can't
personally do it soon because F28 but patches welcome).

Do you think the ideas require a separate karma feedback though? What if
we did the ideas you talked about in response to a regular -1 on a
critpath package? I.e., just the same karma button that we use for
normal updates, but on critpath updates the alarm bells are bigger?

If we do think there's a good reason to keep two kinds of karma for the
glorious feature, perhaps we could just hide the critpath karma feedback
buttons in the UI for now just so they don't get confused with the
normal karma, which can lead to some issues since it doesn't really do
anything. Or another easy thing I could do server side is autodetect
someone setting critpath karma to -1 and forcing their karma to also be
-1 when that happens.

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