On 4 April 2018 at 14:48, William Moreno
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> 2018-04-03 13:11 GMT-06:00 Stephen Gallagher <sgall...@redhat.com>:
>> On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 3:01 PM Christian Glombek <c...@petersen-glombek.de>
>> wrote:
>>> I should probably add that the actual updater program has not been
>>> shipped in the rpms thus far. Although I'm not sure how this affects major
>>> updates, it is leading to problems elsewhere (i.e. people have to uninstall
>>> some apps on v13 and re-install them on v13.0.1 for them to work again).
>>> And how many people actually still run NC v10?
>> Given the current status, I suggest you just ask FESCo to give you
>> permission to release 13.x without supporting upgrades from 10.x and then
>> submit a Magazine article explaining the situation once 13.x is landing. As
>> far as the bundling question; that's actually fair game these days as long
>> as your packages have a virtual `Provides: bundled(packagename) = <version>`
>> in the specfile so if we needed to locate packages for security issues, it
>> can be done. So if you wanted to package the intermediate versions(*) with
>> bundled libs to get people through the upgrade, that's an option too.
> +1 should be a nice changes for the F29 release.

To make it absolutely 100% clear this is totally 100% not going to
happen .... no.

Today I've spent time between $realwork getting my ansible plays
updated to handle F28 (thanks for dropping python2-* early guys!) and
have been in contact with lorbus (thanks for stepping up).

Last bit to debug before I can start testing an update of OC and NC is
why my automated setup explodes with:

PHP Fatal error:  Declaration of
$sourceStorage, $sourceInternalPath, $targetInternalPath) must be
compatible with
$sourceStorage, $sourceInternalPath, $targetInternalPath,
$preserveMtime = false) in
/usr/share/owncloud/lib/private/Files/Storage/Local.php on line 42",

The roles I use for testing are here: https://github.com/hogarthj/test_vms

I'll be pushing updates as I get fixes there

I'll be adding repos here to start tracking the builds:

Again, recognise what you'll be stepping up to, but if you are willing
help is very welcome.
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