In [0] it was reported that after installation of pcsc-lite in Fedora,
no smart cards were functioning at the system. After rebooting Fedora
everything was functioning as expected.

The issue is that the pcsc daemon uses a socket-activated unit
which is installed by dnf, but not started (and hence the windows-
reminding behavior).

The text on our default services [1] mentions that a service is
"enabled by default on package installation" though there is a 
distinction between 'enable' and 'start'.

The reason behind that is probably summarized in [2]:
> Why don't we start the service after installation?
>    Installations can be in changeroots, in an installer context, or 
> in other situations where you don't want the services started.

which is understandable, but does not necessarily lead to good user
experience in Fedora. Zbigniew made a good summary of what needs to be
done for that to work [3].

What do you think overall, is that something that makes sense to
address in general, or in socket activated services only, or not at





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