On Wed, 27 Feb 2019 at 14:35, Miro Hrončok <mhron...@redhat.com> wrote:
> On 27. 02. 19 15:34, Robert-André Mauchin wrote:
> > On lundi 25 février 2019 21:49:32 CET you wrote:
> >> The following packages are orphaned and will be retired when they
> >> are orphaned for six weeks, unless someone adopts them. If you know for 
> >> sure
> >> that the package should be retired, please do so now with a proper reason:
> >> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_remove_a_package_at_end_of_life
> >>
> >> Note: If you received this mail directly you (co)maintain one of the
> >> affected packages or a package that depends on one. Please adopt the
> >> affected package or retire your depending package to avoid broken
> >> dependencies, otherwise your package will be retired when the affected
> >> package gets retired.
> >>
> >> Full dependencies breakdown at
> >> https://churchyard.fedorapeople.org/orphans-2019-02-25.txt
> >> Grep it for your FAS name.
> >>
> >> eclipseo: google-gson
> >
> > That's not mine, I was never ever involved with google-gson. Is it a bug in
> > the script?
> The script analyzes transitive dependencies (you will get hit by those as 
> well).

To try and make this clearer: The script is looking for chains of
orphans. If X is orphaned and your package currently (build)requires
it.. your package will be affected when it gets dropped. Either you
have to help someone take over that package, take that package over
yourself, fix the package to not require it, or drop your package. [I
am probably missing an option or two but those look like the major

The issue is that we have a tragedy of the commons where the grazing
land of deep down packages are burnt out. We either need to take
better care of them or all our pasture grazing will fall apart.

Stephen J Smoogen.
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