On 2/28/19 18:05, Miro Hrončok wrote:
> On 28. 02. 19 16:55, Adam Williamson wrote:
>> More generally, the *flood* of Python 2 dep issues here is something I
>> was definitely concerned about with the Python 2 retirement policy
>> explicitly deciding not to say anything about obsoleting Python 2
>> subpackages :(
> I wanted the py3 packages to obsolte the py2, but i was outvoted.

I completely agree with you. I think you should have gone to FESCo and
ask them to overrule the FPC in this case.

It's difficult to obsolete subpackages correctly from
fedora-obsolete-packages when F29 keeps moving and bumping package
versions; the versioned obsoletes in fedora-obsolete-packages
don't stay current for very long like this. It would be much easier and
much more correct to do "Obsoletes: python2-blah < %{version}-%{release}"
from the same package spec file.

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