On 01. 03. 19 8:26, Miroslav Suchý wrote:
Dne 28. 02. 19 v 18:55 Kalev Lember napsal(a):
It's difficult to obsolete subpackages correctly from
fedora-obsolete-packages when F29 keeps moving and bumping package
versions; the versioned obsoletes in fedora-obsolete-packages

The rule of versioned obsolete is that the version is the last known version of 
obsoleted version.
But in this case the obsoleted version is still moving so it is worth to look 
*why* the obsolete should be versioned.

It is because you have package bar-2.0, which become obsolete by package foo-1.0. 
So we want to obsolete only bar <
2.1-1 because some time in future somebody can resurect package bar and create 
version 3.0. This is unlikely, but can

In the case of massively obsoleting python2-* packages it is *very* unlikely 
that somebody will come in near future and
resurect package named python2-foo. Ergo - I do not think that in this specific 
case we need to obsolete the package using:

   Obsoletes: python2-blah < %{version}-%{release}

but you can use fairly big number of version instead. Like current version plus 

That will get you rid of the "moving target". It is very unlikely that it will 
cause an issue in near future and at the
same time it will allows somebody to resurect that package in far future (which 
is hard to predict).

IIRC people argued with external repos and self built python2 packages.

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