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> (… I definitely need to play around with Silverblue to learn what they are 
> doing.)

I'm pretty sure Silverblue will be rebased on Fedora CoreOS which
recently released a preview. I'm not sure what the time frame for that
is, but maybe that work will be concurrent with work on a release
version of Fedora CoreOS. The central means of installing/uninstalling
and running applications on a future immutable system is flatpak. But
you don't need to commit a system to Silverblue to use and test
flatpak applications on Fedora 29/30 Workstation. Containerization is
an option not a requirement of flatpaks, as is running it as a systemd
--user instance.

Since layering is permitted with rpm-ostree based systems, using
overlayfs, there still needs to be some way for the per-user service
manager to enforce limits on unprivileged programs. The use of the
word "limit" might be misleading. Perhaps instead it should be on
defining and preserving the user interface responsiveness, whether
that's CLI or GUI, so that control isn't lost. i.e. the unprivileged
program gets the leftover resources, it's not a peer with the user
interface. Promoting the active user interfaces relative to the
unprivileged task would provide a way of effectively containing the
unprivileged tasks, by one always being able to preempt the other.

Chris Murphy
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