On Tuesday, September 10, 2019 6:35:39 PM MST Jared K. Smith wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 12:41 AM John M. Harris Jr. <joh...@splentity.com>
> wrote:
> > Further, nothing in that email is what I
> > would describe as "uncivilized". I'm not asking people to necessarily
> > agree
> > with me, everyone is welcome to their own opinions, I simply provided mine
> > and
> > that of the users I work with.
> I think your comments went from just being an opinion to being over the
> line when they assumed that everyone (except for maybe Gnome developers?)
> agreed with your opinion.  When you use phrases like "it just works for
> everyone" or "Things everyone hates" (to use your exact words), it
> marginalizes those who share a difference of opinion.  While my own
> opinions on many topics don't necessarily match up with those of others in
> the Fedora community, I would hope that my comments and opinions would
> never make anyone else feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.  There is plenty of
> room in Fedora for differences of opinion, as long as we try to keep a high
> level of respect and dignity for those with different views.
> Please be a bit more thoughtful in the words you use to express your
> opinions.
> -Jared

Feel free to ignore any such wording that you disagree with. We don't need to 
agree in order to discuss such things, and it's alright if we disagree on 
wording. Literally every user I talk to has asked me either how to disable the 
hot corner, or asked me to do it for them. I obviously did not mean 
"everybody" literally, but it's even fine if you take it literally, given the 

Regardless, the suggestion that *somebody else* knows best, and that we, as 
users, shouldn't have a choice is just as uncomfortable and unwelcoming to me 
as I assume what I said is to you.

Please also see the context of "just works for everyone". It was in response 
to another individual's claim that what *somebody* decides is best for 

- -
John Harris

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