On Wednesday, September 11, 2019 12:08:53 AM MST Samuel Sieb wrote:
> On 9/10/19 11:18 PM, John M. Harris Jr. wrote:
> > Feel free to ignore any such wording that you disagree with. We don't need
> > to agree in order to discuss such things, and it's alright if we
> > disagree on wording. Literally every user I talk to has asked me either
> > how to disable the hot corner, or asked me to do it for them. I obviously
> > did not mean "everybody" literally, but it's even fine if you take it
> > literally, given the context.
> And I have never had a user that wanted to disable that corner.  Of 
> course, when I introduce them to Fedora, I explain that the logo key is 
> much easier and most of them use that.

Most of the time, I'm asked to remove that, by the users I work with that 
actually use GNOME, because they've moved the mouse into that corner by 
accident, and gotten annoyed when a menu popped up. I also explain what the 
overview is, and tell them that the super key does that as well. That said, 
the users I work with are actually mostly using RHEL or CentOS, not 
necessarily Fedora.

- -
John Harris

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