There is a mess between Coin3 and Coin4 (and their dependencies) which I
believe is causing most of the problems.

Some background here:

The main Coin3D stack (Coin, soqt, SIMVoleon, privy) are still Coin3 based
for Fedora 30/31 but FreeCAD needs Coin4. FreeCAD doesn't actually use SoQt
(but Quarter instead) but also requires Pivy at runtime which pulls in the
rest of the Coin3 stack.

I have avoided modules, but would that be a solution to the dependency
problem? At least on Fedora 31? I don't need them for Rawhide so I would
want to make sure they were obsoleted once f32 is released.

Is there anything I can do or just leave it broken until f32 is released?

I'm getting pretty worn out with bugzilla tickets related to FreeCAD and
don't know how to "fix" it at this point, other than to tell them to use he

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