On 1/15/20 12:56 PM, Chris wrote:
That's an amazing amount of work! My only criticism would be:
- the quest for reducing disk space is getting a bit over the top.  I mean to make comparisons to 3.5" floppy disks which haven't been around for 20 years? Why is ~100MB so much? If you scale up from floppy disks and even reference a 8GB USB stick (which you can barely find any more), you'll fit just fine.  Most Raspberry Pi's (out of the box solutions) even ship with Python, so the size has never been their concern either (where otherwise space would be).

I am bias, because I absolutely adore Python and it's added bloat to basically be the swiss army knife that can solve any problem isn't worth the few MB you're trying to cut out of it.

Me too---but it's useful to have Python in super-small environments. For comparison, people squeezed Python onto ARM Arduino Nano-class platforms, using Cortex M0 chips on a 1"x2" board costing 5$. The total memory is on the order of 256kB; of course it doesn't run Linux, but you do get a Python REPL over a serial/USB link.

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