Wed, 15 Jan 2020 18:05:42 +0100
Miro Hrončok <>:

> Hello Fedora!
> In Python Maint, we sat down and we came up with several ideas how to
> minimize the filesystem footprint of Python. Unfortunately, the
> result is horribly long, sorry about that.

It was delightfull to read. I have some better understanding of
what Python setup.  Maybe even Python core may adopt some ideas in
the future. It that not what Fedora does? :) 

I used Micropython in Mirobit boards and that Python *is* tiny.
Standard Fedora Python is not really that big, but more code on disk
(even unused) is always a potential security problem. I sometimes build
my own Python without extras like tkinter, curses, or xml. It's super
easy and I always get the version I want.

I was suprised to see a proposal to remove pyc files. I know they're
big and, unless something is constantly using particular module, mostly
useless. Python is creating that files during "make install" and every
other module does that, during install. Python is faster with them.

Compressing data in modules is also nice. While zip is not the best,
it's what we have in Python. I'm suprised that this is largest part of
Python installation.

> Optimization level 2 is already broken.

That is a good point. Almost no one uses pure Python. 

> ### Solution 10: Stop shipping mandatory Python, rewrite dnf to Rust

Nooooo.... I just started to work really well. I didn't know about
libdnf, sounds interesting.

Łukasz Posadowski
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