On 25. 03. 20 10:26, Vít Ondruch wrote:
I think that the level of involvement of the other maintainers is the
same as what we always did for RHEL. Did RHEL maintainers bothered some
Fedora maintainers with some conditionals and what not? Probably. I
don't see that should be different. The only difference probably is that
that won't be one time effort once in every 3 years, but the flow of
requests will be continuous, but hopefully smaller.

Well, not exactly. The RHEL maintainer can try to "bother" the Fedora maintainer with rhel conditionals and when that Fedora maintainer says no, the RHEL maintainer adjust the spec in RHEL only. In many cases that can even be the same person. Assume I want to do something differently in RHEL and Fedora -- I just push the change in RHEL.

While there is no way to adjust a spec in ELN only (if I understand the plan correctly). Assume I want to do something differently in ELN and Fedora -- I need to use the conditionals.

Actually, this brings interesting question. It seems to me, that it
would be helpful if RHEL maintainers had blank approval to access the
ELN packages.

What are ELN packages? From the proposal, it seems it is all Fedora packages. Or did I get that wrong? Do you propose that RHEL maintainers are automatically provenpackagers (I don't think you do, but I am not sure)?

In the ideal world, the RHEL maintainer of "foo" should be at least a comaintainer of "foo" in Fedora, not somebody with "blank approval to access". It is sad that in some cases, the RHEL maintainers are not involved in the corresponding Fedora packages until RHEL N+1 is in progress where they'd just like to dump changes and leave for another few years.

But even if the RHEL maintainer is an active and/or primary maintainer of the Fedora package, they don't necessarily want to push %if 0%{?rhel} conditionals to rawhide just to support ELN. What shall they do?

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