On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 10:32:26AM +0100, Aleksandra Fedorova wrote:
> This includes:
> * buildroot configuration, rpm macro and compile flags,
> * comps files and the compose content,
> * compose itself and the pipeline which builds it.

The discussion so far was mostly about *mechanisms*, i.e. how
inheritance will be set up, if there will be macros, etc.

In the discussion of conditionals vs. branches and how many changes
will be necessary and how likely packagers are to accept the patches,
it was hard to reach a conclusion because we don't know what type
of changes will be introduced, i.e. what *policy* will be implemented
using those newly available mechanisms.

What kind of changes from Fedora are planned in eln:
- making the package look like what will be in next rhel?
- some kind of experimentation with compile settings, for example to
  change amd64 baseline requirements?
- ???

I understand that a full answer cannot be given at this time, but if
we knew the general plan, we could judge more easily the amount of
changes, the burden on packagers, and maybe even the amount of build

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