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> [...] 
> Surely if xfs is good enough for RHEL, and btrfs is 
> at least 10x more reliable than xfs, that suggests btrfs should 

This is a good argument for having Fedora officially support BtrFS as a
possible installation option, yes; but a _default_ filesystem needs to
be absolutely tried-and-true, and I believe that BtrFS has not yet been
put through its paces well enough for this. Ext4 should remain the
default FS for now.

BtrFS might have significant feature advantage over Ext4, yes; but so
far it has only seen production use from a handful of companies, and
even then, not for very long. (The BtrFS wiki page [1] lists most of
these users only as of late-2018 -- just under two years.)

In contrast to this, Ext4 has been the default FS in many enterprise
systems for well over a decade: For instance, Google transitioned its
systems to Ext4 in January 2010 [2], and transitioned Android to Ext4
in December 2010 [3]. And most modern Linux distros made Ext4 their
default filesystem at around the same time.

Moreover, putting aside any issues of stability, Ext4 peformance and
interactivity continues to beat that of BtrFS except in very specific
scenarios. For example, in this December 2019 Phoronix benchmark [4],
BtrFS was better under some RAID setups, but consistently slightly
worse than Ext4 for the single disk use cases; and considering that
most desktops and laptops (minus some workstation-class PCs and
laptops, like a ThinkPad P-series perhaps) use single disks instead of
RAID arrays, it does not make sense yet to suggest a default filesystem
that will hamper performance at the cost of features (like support for
16 EiB volumes and snapshots) that most users will probably not use or
care about.

In summary: Yes, it would be very cool for Fedora to support BtrFS; but
it should not yet be the default filesystem. It still needs a lot of
time to mature and stabilize. 

[1] htps://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Production_Users
[2] https://lists.openwall.net/linux-ext4/2010/01/04/8

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