Dne 30. 06. 20 v 11:53 Vitaly Zaitsev via devel napsal(a):
On 30.06.2020 11:42, Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
Default for unskilled users who may use lvm2  - should remain enabled.

If LVM was not used during installation => Anakonda can automatically
disable it.

Hmm - I don't think this is a good plan - it would be then different how the package is installed.

The right plan is to fix all packaged dependencies and allow installation of
packages without lvm2.

If lvm2 is installed on system - it should have one 'default' installed configation.

What you are proposing is - when user would deploy lvm2 DURING anaconda time - it would behave the way A), but if user would just attach lvm2 storage later one - it would behave in a way B).

So personally - the only way is to have fixed inter-package deps - and when user does not want to have lvm2 on his system - he simply should not be installing it - that's IMHO the correct solution here.

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