On 6/30/20 12:59 AM, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 3:37 pm, Samuel Sieb <sam...@sieb.net> wrote:
But that should be running concurrently.  Does the plot show anything
important waiting for it?  Your desktop should be able to load before
that service is finished starting.

Well notably: plymouth-quit-wait.service. Surely plymouth keeps running until 
everything else has finished, right?

plymouth-quit-wait.service is special. On gdm startup the following happens:

1. gdm tells plymouth to deactivate, at this point it release its drm-master
ownership of /dev/dri/card0, but does keep it open because otherwise the
kernel will automatically free the framebuffer installed by plymouth and
that would cause a flicker

2. gdm starts the greeter session

3. the greeter session lets gdm know that it has fully started, this means
that gdm now knows that either Xorg or mutter(Wayland) has /dev/dri/card0
open and has installed its own framebuffer

4. gdm tells plymouth it is ok to quit know (and thus close /dev/dri/card0)

Step 2 / reaching step 3. is what can take a long time here. This should
normally not be dependent on NetworkManager-wait-online.service though. I
guess the two just overlap.


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