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> Le lundi 29 juin 2020 à 10:26 -0600, Chris Murphy a écrit :
> >
> > Come on. It's cleanly unmounted and doesn't mount?
> >
> > I guess you missed the other emails about dm-log-writes and xfstests,
> > but they directly relate here. Josef relayed that all of his deep
> > dives into Btrfs failures since the dm-log-writes work, have all been
> > traced back to hardware doing the wrong thing.
> However, software does not work without hadware bellow it, and having
> storage software that is intolerant of real-world hardware
> defficiencies, of pushes this hardware in modes the hardware vendor did
> not test fully, does not bode well for the reliability of the
> integrated software+hardware system.

Josef has already said multiple times in the thread that Btrfs has
been used on tons of hardware as well, so I do not think this is a
problem. It is more sensitive to hardware faults, which I believe is
something we should have, so that we don't suffer silent data loss.

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