sphinx_rtd_theme 0.5.0 is out.  I have taken the unprecedented step
(for me!) of creating a pull request instead of just updating the
package, because I'm taking a few steps that I would like to have
other eyes on.  Pull request:


The first issue is that, with this release, upstream defaults to
building the Javascript and CSS files from source.  This is a laudable
move.  I'm glad upstream did that.  Unfortunately, the build process
requires quite a few things we don't have in Fedora right now, so I've
had to figure out how to subvert upstream's build system and use the
prebuilt bits instead.  I have neither the time nor the expertise to
add the missing bits to Fedora.  There are quite a lot of them.

The second issue is that the package has not been in compliance with
the recently revised font guidelines.  With this pull request, I am
attempting to bring this package into compliance.  This means no
longer using fonts in eot, svg, woff, or woff2 formats, but going with
straight ttf.  I'm worried about the impact this might have on
dependent packages.

Third, any package that includes documentation generated from this
package will need this:

Requires:       font(fontawesome)
Requires:       font(lato)
Requires:       font(robotoslab)

In addition, if that documentation is put anywhere that an old
Internet Explorer might see it, then this will also be needed:

Requires:  js-html5shiv

How should that information be conveyed to consumers?

Thank you for any help you can give me.  If you see something that
makes you wonder what I was thinking, that's probably an indication
that I don't know what I'm doing and you should tell me how to do it
the right way.  Regards,
Jerry James
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